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Oh, Baby!


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When you are expecting and you didn't expect to be expecting

A friend recently confided in me what she has only told her husband.

They are expecting their Nth baby. (N = the number that will make people think you're crazy + 1)

She shared some of the same feelings I remember so well so many times.

Yep. Been there.

And do you know what? The baby came anyway. And people did think we were crazy (still do).

I told my friend that I was just gonna shoot straight with her. No sugar coating. Here are some of the things I told her and what I want to tell any of you who are in the same boat.

There will be days, lots of days, when it will be loud and rowdy. There will be plenty of times when you will be tired and there won't be enough money. There won't be enough sleep. Or time. There won't be enough of you.

The baby will cry when the toddler is crying and that will make the 4 year old cry. And then you will want to cry. And sometimes you will.

But God will provide. When you can't. Because you can't.

He will provide the energy to clean up one more mess. He will provide the patience to read the same story one more time. He will provide the perseverance to buckle one more car seat over squirming arms and legs.

He will provide those special, almost magical, moments when you look around and you can't believe it's yours. ALL of this is yours. This beautiful, messy, rowdy, lovable family. And you will feel sorry for people who think you are crazy because you know what they don't. You are crazy blessed.

Blessed with laughter. Blessed with joy. Blessed with more love than you could have ever imagined one year ago.

And God will provide enough. Enough money. Enough time. Enough you.

And your children, all of your children, will look at you with so much love in their eyes that you feel like you might burst with loving them right back.

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And you wouldn't want it any other way.