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7 Shocking Truths About Homeschoolers


7 Shocking Truths About Homeschoolers

1. We really don't know how to line up.

You've heard the rumors and it's true. You can always identify a group of homeschoolers at the zoo or a museum because we don't line up. We "gob" up.

2. We don't "go to" p.e.

Yep. You heard it here first. Homeschoolers climb and run [2] and bike and cartwheel and join soccer and gymnastics and swim teams. But if you ask them about p.e. they might ask you what those letters stand for.

3. We don't line up for lunch. (See #1 above.)

In fact, sometimes homeschoolers realize they feel hungry, and they wander into the kitchen, grab an apple, and start eating it without forming any line whatsoever

Homeschoolers eat lunch in the kitchen, whenever their mom gets it ready, or in some cases whenever they get it out of the fridge and slap it together for themselves. They eat around the table, talking, and laughing, and enjoying the break in the day with the rest of their family.

Or on a blanket under a tree in the yard. Whichever.

4. We're mavericks.

We're accustomed to blazing our own trails. Marching to our own beat. If there isn't a class, program, or group we need, we start our own.

5. We check out as many books as we want at the library.

And we read them all. (This only applies if you have an awesome library or a really stubborn mom [see #4 above] who challenges the library board on check out limits [3].)

6. We forget what grade we're in.

Occasionally, okay... often, we pause and look up and to the left at an imaginary calendar of years whenever anyone asks us what grade one of the kids is in.

7. We're actually quite well socialized. Thanks for asking.

Homeschooled teens aren't afraid to pick up the phone and call around to find where they can buy a couple of alpacas to give for a birthday gift [4], or stop in the middle of an algebra lesson and head out the door when a neighbor needs help [5], or single-handedly organize a fund raiser to build a water well in Africa [6].