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What Creativity Requires


Since I wrote this post about reestablishing our habit of having a daily quiet time [2] (or nap time, or quiet contemplation, time, or whatever you want to call it) I realized that there are folks reading here and at my Facebook page [3] who feel very strongly about not allowing their children to nap for fear they will be up until midnight with a toddler who doesn't require as much sleep as Mama does.

Believe me, that is a very real fear I have myself because I have one particular child who will indeed be awake until the wee hours if she happens to get an afternoon nap.

But, because I so strongly believe that every one of us needs some time in each day to think quiet thoughts, to daydream, to imagine without any noise or screens or requirements of our thoughts and our time, I go ahead and risk the unneeded nap to give her that down time.

And now, there is new evidence that quiet time is what is required for creativity to flourish [4].

I already knew that, but it is nice to see the study confirming my thoughts!

quiet contemplation

Just look what can happen when kids are given time for quiet contemplation and daydreaming [5]!