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No Shoes? No Problem!


Remember when I told you that when you give your kids plenty of time to daydream during quiet time [2] it increases their creativity?

Well, lucky for me, that handy dandy creativity came right into play just this week!

Screenshot 2014-03-14 17.18.23

This little cutie pie was told to get her shoes on and get in the van so we could all head to soccer practice. It wasn't until we were well on our way there that I realized she didn't do as I told her to, and she was barefooted.

She started to complain that she wouldn't be able to run and play when we got there because her feet would be cold. Being that mom who thinks kids ought to suffer the consequences of their disobedience, I told her it was too bad she didn't do what I had told her to, and I guessed she would have to sit in the van for the duration of practice.

About that time, her 9yo sister noticed that the armrest covers on her car seat looked a lot like little slip-on shoes that might just fit a 3 year old.

Screenshot 2014-03-14 17.18.08

Because, you know, nobody wants to be that tacky family who has kids running around barefooted at soccer practice.

It takes years of practice to pull off this level of classy, friends.