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The Best Laid Plans


Remember when I told you about all the hard work we did fencing our chicken yard [2]?

Teaching children to work hard

We spent the better part of 2 days cutting wires, stretching yards and yards of fencing, and securing it into place.


And this is where our chickens are today.

That's not the chicken yard, in case you are wondering. It's my front yard. Where they aren't supposed to be.

I was hoping fencing them in would actually keep them in, but they are flying the coop, literally.

It looks like our next step will be clipping their wings, which I was hoping to avoid, not because I'm tender hearted (it doesn't hurt the chickens anyway) but simply because I dread having to catch and wrangle 19 chickens.

The children have been begging to bring home some of the new baby chicks we see whenever we go into Tractor Supply, but we will have to see if we can keep these ladies where they belong before we bring any newcomers home.

I'll keep you updated on our wing clipping adventures and hopefully add pictures here of some new, fluffy peepers.