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Marie Madeline Love



Marie Madeline top

Have you ever?

Marie Madeline top back

Could you just?

Marie Madeline top sassy

I mean really?

I was super excited to snag this adorable custom creation from Marie Madeline Studio [2] for PRACTICALLY FREE! I had a $15 off coupon, and this top was on the sale page for $18, so I got it for ONLY $3! (I could have chosen fabric for $15, but I am lazy like that.)

I got the $15 off coupon from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle [3], and guess what some of the other freebies and coupons are?

Dayspring freebies [3]

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Freebies [3]

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Freebie [3]

And that's not all! There are over $200 worth of freebies in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle [3]! Never mind the HUGE library of ebooks, printables and eCourses that come in the bundle! All for under $30!

I will be using the proceeds I earn from affiliate fees to fly to Spokane with my li'l gymnast in June for the USAGymnastics Junior Olympics, so I appreciate all of you who purchase through my links here! (air kiss)

In fact, I so appreciate you that I will send each person who buys through my link "How to Manage Your Mouth FOR KIDS - A 30 Day Wholesome Talk Challenge [4]," which is a companion to the adult version (included in the bundle).

PLUS, I'm offering a special bonus just for Smockity readers: a drawing for a $30 Amazon gift card! Simply buy your bundle from my link [3], and forward the receipt of your purchase to smockityfrocks@yahoo.com. (See complete terms and conditions here [5].)

THANK YOU for you support! (side hug)