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Moms’ Night Out Movie


Moms' Night Out movie [2]

I was recently invited to an advanced screening of the movie "Moms' Night Out [2]," which is being released on Mother's Day weekend, May 9th.

Moms' Night Out movie

So I roped this lady into going with me.

We went to first grade together in 1972. That's right. During The Age of the Dinosaurs.

We were college roommates in 1984. We were maids/matrons of honor in each other's weddings.

She is the one who called me in 1986 while I was out of state on vacation with my husband to tell me to come on back home because my daddy had died suddenly. She was there at the funeral home when I broke down.

She has been at the hospital to be the first to see my babies when they were brand new.

She is the ONLY one who told me recently that I needed to get to a salon stat when I tried to highlight my own hair and it looked like I had fallen headlong, but only with half my head, into a vat of peroxide.

I am so blessed with her friendship, and I wish each one of you had a friend like My Ellen.

Just spending the evening with her at dinner and driving to a movie was treat enough, but once we got to the movie theater, we were in for an even bigger treat: a wonderful (and hilarious) family movie with an important message!

Moms' Night Out Movie

When we got seated, we each looked in our bags full of swag that had been handed out. (By the way, the screening and gifts were complimentary and I'm sure the producers are hoping bloggers will write about the movie. Please, know that I have received complimentary movie passes before, and ended up NOT writing about the movie because I didn't feel like it was "family friendly" as billed.)

As soon as I looked in my bag of gifts, I was surprised to see some little keychain tags with scriptures and prayers on them. I immediately wondered, "Who made this movie? What is it about again?"

It turns out Patricia Heaton [3], from Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle, and her husband both produced the movie, and it has some wonderful messages about how important the job of Mother is.

It also has many side splitting, Coke spitting, gut busting, laughable moments. As in, Ellen and I were wheezing, we were laughing so hard. If you've ever scrubbed crayon off the wall, been called out of a church service because there was a problem with one of the kids, or had to clean up a huge mess from the kids making you breakfast in bed... all on Mother's Day, you'll be glad you can relate to this movie with some all out guffaws. We've got to laugh, right Moms? Otherwise the only thing left to do is cry!

The best part of this movie came in between the laughs, during the tears. The main character is a mom at her wits end, feeling overwhelmed, like a failure, unhappy with her inability to cope with the often overwhelming demands of motherhood. Haven't we all been there?!

Her mentor and pastor's wife, played by Patricia Heaton, tells her life isn't about being happy. It is about honoring God with what he has given us. She reminds the young mother that God is with us always, even in the craziness and the messes.

Then, later in the movie, a tattooed biker, played by Trace Adkins, cuts to the heart of the most important message of all. He tells the young, overwhelmed mother that she is enough, she is exactly who God made her to be, and Jesus loves her and is waiting for her.

And I didn't feel like these inspirational messages were delivered in a heavy handed or awkward way, at all. They were brief, inserted in just the right spots, and woven in seamlessly within the action of the movie.

WOW! I was so impressed with this movie! The message, the hilarity, the God-honoring, family friendly tone. Every bit of it!

Moms' Night Out is the perfect movie to go to with a bunch of girlfriends, and I think that's what I will plan to do on May 9th! (I'm looking at you, Kelly, Jami, Sarah, Marlita, Rachel, Suzie, Tracy, Michelle, Cintheya, Emily, Victoria, Jenny, Jennifer, Sonya, Heather, Marci, etc. Mark your calendars!)