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New and Improved Exclamations!


New and Improved Exclamations!

My 14 year old daughter [2] is lovable and care-free and quirky and nerdy [3], and she constantly cracks me up with her observations about life.

For instance, recently she was wondering where the common exclamations that are used today came from.

"Why do people use 'good grief' or 'good night' or 'goodness' as exclamations? Where did those come from?"

She thought she could do much better than those with these Bible-based exclamations. They are simple to use. Just insert them any place you would use one of the above exclamations.

Rachel's ugly sister!

"Rachel's ugly sister, it's raining hard!"

Rahab's red rope!

"Rahab's red rope! Did you see that bear?!"

Gouge my eyes out and call me Samson!

"Well, gouge my eyes out and call me Samson! You made it to church on time for once!"

We're thinking these will be all the rage once they catch on.

Remember, friends, you heard them here first.