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This One’s For Cheryl


Once a couple of years ago, I got into a semi-heated discussion on Facebook with a friend of a friend.

Cheryl, a college professor, was bemoaning the fact that homeschooled kids are just not properly educated and prepared for college.

I didn't know Cheryl personally, but since she was stating this opinion on my friend's page, I was able to join in on the discussion. I pointed out to Cheryl that not all homeschoolers are alike, and just like a random sampling of any group of people would be varied, there would be some studious, some serious, some awkward, some dullards, some intelligent, and so on.

Cheryl disagreed. She maintained that every homeschooled kid she had ever come across in her college classroom was ill-prepared and socially inept. (She never said whether that was one or one hundred.) She insisted this experience must represent the entire population of homeschoolers.

She claimed that homeschoolers who somehow manage to bumble through high school and actually make it to college do not know how to understand assignments, don't have the time management skills to complete assignments or turn them in on time, and don't have the competency to get them done in a manner worthy to be graded.

She said that homeschoolers simply could not cope with the demands of life away from their previous sheltered existence, and she predicted that homeschoolers could not do well in the "real world."

This one's for you, Cheryl.

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