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Lice Update, Ebook Sale, and Cute Giveaway


Can you believe this is our first experience with lice [2]? I made it 19+ years of parenting 7 long haired daughters and one rascally son without having to deal with it.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I *think* we have beaten those little devils and are no longer living in the grips of mayonnaise-greased, Listerine scented fear, but I'm not completely ready to proclaim I know all the secrets to lice extermination and removal. (Whispering: We mustn't anger them!)

I'll post the methods we found successful after we have been completely lice free for 2-3 weeks.

How to Manage Your Mouth - Bible study [3]

In other news, through the end of June I am having a HALF OFF summer sale on my ebooks series for controlling the tongue.

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 Use the code "SUMMERSAVINGS" to get 50% off.

This sale will end on June 30th, so snag yours now!

You can read more about how we use this wholesome talk Bible study in our family here [6]. This is a 30 day study in the form of a journal. It's designed to take 10-15 minutes each day. Perfect for a summertime family Bible study! 

Rustic light fixture giveaway

In giveaway news, if rustic, cute, and quirky is your style, hop on over to enter this giveaway [7] from my talented friend, Cintheya. She also has some super darling ideas for throwing a 4th of July party on a penny pincher budget [8]!