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Can I Get a Witness?


Just so you can get to know me a little better, I thought I would give you a peek into what our family does at least twice each week.

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, rain or shine, we all pile into our van and head up to the church building with lots of other Christians. While we are there, we listen to prepared talks about God, His Son, His word, His works, and our part in all that.

Can I get a witness?

We also sing together with no instrumental accompaniment.

These are not rehearsed choir performances. Just songs announced by a single song leader and displayed on a screen that everyone can see.

The video was not planned. The singing wasn't a performance. It was just a bunch of people praising God.

If you aren't getting this kind of encouragement and giving praise to God on a weekly basis, I strongly recommend you get yourself to a good Bible believing church and join us!