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Essential Oils as a Sleep Aid

I can remember a time not so long ago, when all my kids ages were in the single digits and I was nursing a newborn. There were late night nursings, and middle of the night nursings, and crack of dawn nursings. Those days were such a happy, busy time. And tiring. Oh, so tiring.

I’ll never forget the time I was reading aloud to the kids, and I dozed off in the middle of a sentence. True story.

In those days, I could fall asleep any time, any where. I dreamt of uninhibited naps.

And I never thought this day would come, but, it seems like the older I get and the more kids I have who are older and going different directions, the harder it is for me to get to sleep.

I mean, I get to bed, and there is no one needing me to nurse them or wipe them or change them, and there I lie, tired as can be, with my eyes wide open thinking all the thoughts that won’t stop running through my head.

And I hate to admit this, but I have developed the habit of taking Benadryl at bedtime, not for allergies, but for the sleep inducing effect it has on me.

I haven’t liked depending on drugs to fall asleep at all, and I resist using them if I can help it, but when it is 2 a.m. and I’m lying there wide awake, I occasionally cave!

That’s why I’m so excited about the discovery I have made with my essential oils!

I had read about how certain oils can aid sleep, and I was anxious to give them a try. Of course, I was skeptical about how well they would work, and I was half expecting to have to fall back on the Benadryl.

To my surprise though, the oils have worked! I use them right before turning in for the night, and I rest without waking the whole night! This is huge for me! No more drugs to help me sleep!

Young Living Lavender

Here’s how I use essential oils as a sleep aid:

1. Use the Stress Away roll-on on the back of my neck and on my shoulders.

2. Rub 1-2 drops each of Peace and Calming and lavender on the bottoms of my feet.

3. Put 4-5 drops of lavender in the diffuser on my bedside table.

I was actually shocked the first night I did this, because I didn’t even know when the diffuser automatically shut off. I had fallen asleep and stayed asleep until morning!

Now, I follow this routine each night, and I get a full night of restful sleep!

What about you? Do you ever have trouble sleeping at night?


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Why Do My Kids Have to be So Much Like ME?

Why do my have to be so much like me?

It’s an hour before Sunday School begins. Everyone is busily brushing hair, putting on shoes, and finishing up their breakfast cereal.

Suddenly, my 8yo claps her hand over her mouth and frantically announces that she has GOT to memorize the books of the Bible, PLUS the 12 apostles for Sunday School.

Today’s Sunday School? Like the one that starts in under an hour?

Yes, she tells me. Today. She needs to recite the books of the Bible and the 12 apostles aloud in class that starts in 45 MINUTES.

How long have you known about this??? Never mind. Get the Bible and let’s start singing the song together.

It turns out she did fine and got the promised reward, but I can’t help feeling that familiar pang of regret.

Why do my kids have to be so much like me?

I know exactly where she gets it. It’s the same scenario that plays out when I remember at the last minute that I am supposed to demonstrate a complicated science experiment today at co-op, and HURRY, jump in the van kids because we have to run by the store to get the supplies.

Or when I put off deep cleaning the house for that big Memorial Day party we always have. No use cleaning it too far in advance because it will just get messy again, right? And then the morning of the party, I’m cleaning like a whirling dervish on fast speed.

Or when I have to make a 10pm trip to the grocery store so I can make the homemade cookies I signed up to bring to the bake sale in the morning.

Really, it defies the laws of logic, but I have always hoped beyond the realm of the probable that my children would somehow, miraculously have inherited traits that are nowhere in my DNA.

Traits like being patient and naturally organized and tidy and whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is called.

But, alas, they did not get these traits because I had no way of passing them down, since I don’t even possess them myself.

No, they got the messy, impatient, procrastinating line of traits right from me.

It seems so unfair that I didn’t even have to spend hours teaching them these things, like I did with their multiplication facts. It’s almost like they were preset to inherit them.

Why do my kids have to be so much like me?

I want to tell them I’m sorry. I really am. I wish I could be the mom who is organized and tidy and patient so that they could see that modeled each day, and they would learn those things first hand. And sometimes I try to pretend I am that mom, although I can never really pull it off for more than part of a day.

Instead, they got the mom who is a procrastinator and impetuous and immature enough to laugh and dance along with them to 80′s rock songs.

And like me, they will have to rely on God’s grace to cover for their weaknesses. The weaknesses that will be all the more apparent when they have children of their own.

And if my kids are anything like me, that grace will be even more precious because of their shortcomings. It will be a balm for their wounded pride at not being able to will themselves to achieve perfection.

A lifesaving, precious, soothing balm.

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Back to School Update

Screenshot 2014-09-06 09.40.52


We used the fire out of our Six Flags season passes, swam, climbed, dove, swang, road-tripped, flew, slept outside, canoed, rode horses, and generally squeezed every last drop of fun out of summer.

Screenshot 2014-09-06 09.42.38

And now it’s time to get back to business.

Back to school time is always a challenge for me. It’s so hard to get back in the routine of bedtimes and schedules and printing copies and making it to homeschool co-op on time.

Plus, with one of my drivers gone to college, and my husband out of town for work much of the time, that leaves me to do most of the driving to and from soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, youth group activities, etc.

That mostly means Mama has very little time to compose blog posts. Or even compose her thoughts in a rational way, for that matter.

Which explains the sporadic post updates here.

But now we are back to a homeschooling schedule! Here is a roundup of how we are rolling these days.

We have a version of this master schedule for multiple homeschooled children posted, which helps us stay on track for our busy days.

How to Manage Your Mouth for Kids {eBook}

We are all doing this wholesome talk Bible study together.

I’m using this homeschool transcript format to help my 17yo son complete his last year of high school.

He is also studying for several CLEP tests, which is how my daughter knocked out an entire semester of college for 1/20th the price. (Post coming soon.)

I am the president of our local homeschool group, and we are participating in that once weekly homeschool co-op for classes like science, music, and p.e.

Because I am an old dog, and I don’t like new tricks, we are still mostly sticking to these homeschool curriculum choices and this favorite read aloud list.

I am also missing my college girl like crazy, but we are keeping daily contact. She may or may not have a crazy job for a famous person OF WHICH I CANNOT SPEAK, but makes for some interesting middle of the night text messages and phone calls!

How about you? How is your back to school routine shaping up?

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Can I Get a Witness?

Just so you can get to know me a little better, I thought I would give you a peek into what our family does at least twice each week.

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, rain or shine, we all pile into our van and head up to the church building with lots of other Christians. While we are there, we listen to prepared talks about God, His Son, His word, His works, and our part in all that.

Can I get a witness?

We also sing together with no instrumental accompaniment.

These are not rehearsed choir performances. Just songs announced by a single song leader and displayed on a screen that everyone can see.

The video was not planned. The singing wasn’t a performance. It was just a bunch of people praising God.

If you aren’t getting this kind of encouragement and giving praise to God on a weekly basis, I strongly recommend you get yourself to a good Bible believing church and join us!

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Saying Goodbye to Our College Girl

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.27.05

We had to say goodbye to our college girl last week. It was something we had all been dreading the whole summer long.

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.38.16

(Since my husband took the group pic, we had to get him in separately.)

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.33.53

Though none of us wanted to see her leave,

Screenshot 2014-08-27 04.34.37

Some of us were more emotional than others.

It’s always hard saying goodbye to our favorite people!

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Essential Oils for Every Day {VIDEO}

Here’s a little video I did with my friend, Stacey, who first let me use her oils when my 4yo got severe 2nd degree burns.

We discuss in the video why we love our oils and how we use them every day. (Sorry for the wonky and wacky way I operated who is seen on the screen!)

If you would like to know how to get started with your own essential oils, find out more here.

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What's the big deal about Young Living