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DIY Pain Relief Cream

DIY Pain Relief Cream

I whipped up this recipe for “pain relief cream” that I found on the 1000+ member private essential oils group I’m in on Facebook.

The group I’m in is such a blessing, because it is a place I can ask questions of long time essential oil users, or use the search feature to look for successful treatments to ailments, or post success stories that have worked for me.

I made this recipe because I have a couple of friends who are in almost constant pain. One is a cancer survivor and another is a friend from high school who was involved in a wreck and is suffering from whiplash.

I gave the cancer survivor a jar of my DIY pain relief cream, and here was her response to me in a private message:

Connie, I used the mixture last night, and the pain was much less!!! I just rubbed it on my back and my ribs, and it seemed to really help!!! Then I just now I was hurting in my back, rubbed it on, and man it is so much better!!! I think this will work!!!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet my friend who had the wreck, because she had to cancel going to our high school reunion since her back was hurting so bad. I am planning to meet her for lunch this week, and I have the cream already in my purse to give her.

Here is the recipe I used:

DIY Pain Relief Cream

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (solid)
  • 10 drops Young Living Valor
  • 10 drops Young Living Peppermint
  • 10 drops Young Living Pan Away

1. Combine ingredients and whip together with mixer.

2. Place in glass container, and use sparingly as needed.

3. Keep out of reach of children. (Contains small amounts of wintergreen, or methyl salicylate. Topical application of methyl salicylate can be hazardous if it is smeared over 40 percent of the body, if someone has a skin condition or if another medication interacts negatively with the products.)

These essential oils are only available through Young Living, and each one above comes in the Premium Starter Kit. If you have been hearing about what a fantastic product Young Living has and have been considering joining, there has never been a better time! I add all members who sign up with my member number, #1908386, to the private 1000+ member Facebook page, so you will have plenty of support as you start your journey into essential oils.

Essential Oils Pocket Referenc

Plus, I also send all my sign ups this 485 page Essential Oils Pocket Reference (a $25 retail value), which includes the uses and safety precautions for every oil Young Living sells.

Find out more about how to join me in loving Young Living essential oils here.

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30 Year High School Reunion – HELP ME!

Some of you know that my 30 year high school reunion is this weekend.

What you may not know is that I was sort of a dork in high school. Okay, I was a big dork in high school.

In fact, there is a story my children love to hear of when I wore pants with embroidered roller skates on the pocket that had actual laces that tied.

Yes, I thought they were super cool.

Yes, this was high school.

What?! It’s not weird!

Of course, all the popular kids had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, but no self respecting dork would be seen following a trend. Am I right?

Well, a certain popular cheerleader took it upon herself to point out my dorky pants in the crowded cafeteria one day and then proceeded to make a spectacle of untying my roller skate laces in front of everyone! Oh! The humiliation!

(Come to think of it, why do you children like that story???)

Well, now that I’m going to my high school reunion, I am a leetle nervous about that whole Dork Legacy. So will you help a girl out? Tell me which of the following outfits I should wear to redeem my self and my roller skate pocket pants.

which reunion outfit

(Please ignore the chickens in the background.)

The event will be dinner at a smokehouse in downtown Dallas, so I’m thinking my old prom dress is out, although I think I could totally pull that off!

So, WHICH OUTFIT? Please, help me out and leave your comment below.

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Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made

Parenting Mistakes


I’ve had a few in my parenting journey.

So, what if we talk about those? What if we bring them to light so that you might avoid the mistakes I’ve made? I believe I have made enough to make this a series, so grab some popcorn, sit back, and don’t do what I did.

Thinking I Could be the Perfect Parent

I know this one seems like a no-brainer, and intellectually, I knew I couldn’t be absolutely perfect, but part of me thought if I tried hard enough and followed all the right experts, then I could pull off making no major mistakes.

I mean, sure, I figured I would occasionally make the standards. ”Oops! Sorry Sally. I called you Suzie again didn’t I?”

No, by major mistakes, I mean the type that your grown or nearly grown children still cry bitter tears over years later. The kind where you would do anything if you could turn back time and get a do-over.

If you are a new parent, still thinking you might be able to pull off perfect, like I did in those years, I am truly sorry if this news is coming as a shock to you.

You will make mistakes.

You will not be perfect.

You will be so far from perfect, you will wonder what God was thinking when he let you reproduce.

The beauty in this, for me, the only redeeming factor in screwing up so royally, is that God’s merciful grace became crystal clear. I had known before, because I had been told and I had read it, that Jesus came to save me because I couldn’t save myself. I could recite, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

But until I knew, really knew because I lived and breathed it, that no matter how hard I tried to be perfect, I was still messing everything up, and not just messing it up for me, but for little people who trusted me to do the right things for them, until that time, I didn’t really know grace.

And once I began to realize how pathetic my feeble attempts at perfect parenting were, only then could I understand what a precious gift the redeeming work of Christ is.

So, I’ll say my first mistake in my parenting journey was thinking that by being an intentional parent I wouldn’t make any big mistakes. In the coming weeks, I’ll add to this series and we’ll see if this can be a kind of Land Mine Map. A warning of sorts. A “Do It Any Way But This Way” manual.

What do you think? Is this something that would be of interest to you?

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25 Ways to Teach Your Child to Have an Attitude of Entitlement

Would you like your child to feel that he is more revered than everyone else in the universe? Would you like him to demand preferential treatment? To believe he is a speshul snowflake, deserving of speshul status?

Easy! Follow these simple tips!

1. Give him his own present whenever anyone else gets one.

Brother’s birthday? He gets a present too. Best friend’s baby shower? He gets a present too. No one is ever more special than Li’l Junior!

2. Fix him a special meal when he doesn’t like what you prepared for the family.

You prepared spaghetti for dinner, but it makes him whine? Make him his own plate of food. Be sure to ask what he would like instead.

3. Encourage false talent.

Your kid can’t carry a tune in a bucket? Disregard that and demand that he is the lead in the Christmas musical.

4. Buy him a small gift or token whenever you go to the store.

He must feel that he is always deserving of gifts.

5. Allow him to attend the birthday party that the older sibling was invited to.

Be sure to ask for a party favor for him too.

6. When throwing a tantrum, the best way to stop it is giving him the candy he wanted but you originally denied.

Curtail this behavior by not denying his requests. Ever.

7. Blame everyone and everything else for a fault or failure.

Didn’t finish homework? The teacher gave too much and brother was too loud so she couldn’t focus. Lost a friend? Wasn’t worth having if they couldn’t see past the rude/arrogant/unfair behavior to the wonderful person she REALLY is.

8. Always do for him what he can do for himself.

If he asks for a drink while you are cooking dinner, stop what you are doing to get it for him, even though he is perfectly capable of getting it himself.

9. Never make her clean up her own messes.

She tires easily, you know.

10. Don’t follow through on consequences, and often make idle threats.

11. Force other children to give over their toys to him.

Whether they were playing with it at the time is irrelevant.

12. Acknowledge him when he interrupts a conversation to show him that what he says is more important than what you were listening to.

13. Always take his side when any other adult calls him out for a disciplinary issue.

Alternately, hand him excuse after excuse as to why he “can’t help” his behavior.

14. Don’t allow him to face disappointment.

He missed the deadline for turning in the extra credit that qualifies him for a special prize? Put the finishing touches on it, and drive it up to the school yourself.

15. Make sure everyone on his team gets a trophy the same size as the team who won first place.

16. Don’t ever make him wait to be served.

You don’t want him to become hungry. That makes him cranky.

17. Don’t make him serve others.

This will only make him feel that others could possibly be more deserving than he is.

18. Always say “please” in a begging tone when requesting anything of him.

If he refuses, let it go immediately.

19. Whenever a classmate or friend gets a new toy, run right out and get your child one too.

Make sure it is the newest model.

20. Never, ever criticize his efforts or let him know you expect him to try harder at something.

Pretending not to notice half-hearted attempts is best.

21. Overpraise everything she does, whether it is excellent or not.

You can barely read the essay she wrote for English class? Tell her how creative she is at spelling!

22. Always stop what you are doing whenever she addresses you.

Never make her wait until you are through with a task.

23. Always excuse bad behavior.

“He was probably hungry. The low blood sugar makes him cranky,” is a good standby.

24. Never make him answer for his own poor choices.

Step in to explain for him.

25. Go into debt buying a new car when he turns 16.

Make sure it is the model with the usb port for charging his iPhone.

By following these simple steps consistently you will soon have a child who believes his needs and wishes are superior to the needs and wishes of those around him!

Now, go give your little narcissist a hug. And a prize. Preferably a toy.

If you liked this post, you may also like “10 Signs Your Child is Spoiled and What to do About it.”

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Essential Oils as a Sleep Aid

I can remember a time not so long ago, when all my kids ages were in the single digits and I was nursing a newborn. There were late night nursings, and middle of the night nursings, and crack of dawn nursings. Those days were such a happy, busy time. And tiring. Oh, so tiring.

I’ll never forget the time I was reading aloud to the kids, and I dozed off in the middle of a sentence. True story.

In those days, I could fall asleep any time, any where. I dreamt of uninhibited naps.

And I never thought this day would come, but, it seems like the older I get and the more kids I have who are older and going different directions, the harder it is for me to get to sleep.

I mean, I get to bed, and there is no one needing me to nurse them or wipe them or change them, and there I lie, tired as can be, with my eyes wide open thinking all the thoughts that won’t stop running through my head.

And I hate to admit this, but I have developed the habit of taking Benadryl at bedtime, not for allergies, but for the sleep inducing effect it has on me.

I haven’t liked depending on drugs to fall asleep at all, and I resist using them if I can help it, but when it is 2 a.m. and I’m lying there wide awake, I occasionally cave!

That’s why I’m so excited about the discovery I have made with my essential oils!

I had read about how certain oils can aid sleep, and I was anxious to give them a try. Of course, I was skeptical about how well they would work, and I was half expecting to have to fall back on the Benadryl.

To my surprise though, the oils have worked! I use them right before turning in for the night, and I rest without waking the whole night! This is huge for me! No more drugs to help me sleep!

Young Living Lavender

Here’s how I use essential oils as a sleep aid:

1. Use the Stress Away roll-on on the back of my neck and on my shoulders.

2. Rub 1-2 drops each of Peace and Calming and lavender on the bottoms of my feet.

3. Put 4-5 drops of lavender in the diffuser on my bedside table.

I was actually shocked the first night I did this, because I didn’t even know when the diffuser automatically shut off. I had fallen asleep and stayed asleep until morning!

Now, I follow this routine each night, and I get a full night of restful sleep!

What about you? Do you ever have trouble sleeping at night?


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Why Do My Kids Have to be So Much Like ME?

Why do my have to be so much like me?

It’s an hour before Sunday School begins. Everyone is busily brushing hair, putting on shoes, and finishing up their breakfast cereal.

Suddenly, my 8yo claps her hand over her mouth and frantically announces that she has GOT to memorize the books of the Bible, PLUS the 12 apostles for Sunday School.

Today’s Sunday School? Like the one that starts in under an hour?

Yes, she tells me. Today. She needs to recite the books of the Bible and the 12 apostles aloud in class that starts in 45 MINUTES.

How long have you known about this??? Never mind. Get the Bible and let’s start singing the song together.

It turns out she did fine and got the promised reward, but I can’t help feeling that familiar pang of regret.

Why do my kids have to be so much like me?

I know exactly where she gets it. It’s the same scenario that plays out when I remember at the last minute that I am supposed to demonstrate a complicated science experiment today at co-op, and HURRY, jump in the van kids because we have to run by the store to get the supplies.

Or when I put off deep cleaning the house for that big Memorial Day party we always have. No use cleaning it too far in advance because it will just get messy again, right? And then the morning of the party, I’m cleaning like a whirling dervish on fast speed.

Or when I have to make a 10pm trip to the grocery store so I can make the homemade cookies I signed up to bring to the bake sale in the morning.

Really, it defies the laws of logic, but I have always hoped beyond the realm of the probable that my children would somehow, miraculously have inherited traits that are nowhere in my DNA.

Traits like being patient and naturally organized and tidy and whatever the opposite of a procrastinator is called.

But, alas, they did not get these traits because I had no way of passing them down, since I don’t even possess them myself.

No, they got the messy, impatient, procrastinating line of traits right from me.

It seems so unfair that I didn’t even have to spend hours teaching them these things, like I did with their multiplication facts. It’s almost like they were preset to inherit them.

Why do my kids have to be so much like me?

I want to tell them I’m sorry. I really am. I wish I could be the mom who is organized and tidy and patient so that they could see that modeled each day, and they would learn those things first hand. And sometimes I try to pretend I am that mom, although I can never really pull it off for more than part of a day.

Instead, they got the mom who is a procrastinator and impetuous and immature enough to laugh and dance along with them to 80′s rock songs.

And like me, they will have to rely on God’s grace to cover for their weaknesses. The weaknesses that will be all the more apparent when they have children of their own.

And if my kids are anything like me, that grace will be even more precious because of their shortcomings. It will be a balm for their wounded pride at not being able to will themselves to achieve perfection.

A lifesaving, precious, soothing balm.

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